Home Weatherization Services

Level 1 Audit                 400.00

  • Blower door testing and thermal imaging
  • Blower door written report and points of air leakage located and documented.
  • Thermal imaging written report will identify missing insulation, air leaks and items of concern not visible to the naked eye.


Level 2 Audit                 800.00

This audit includes all items of the Level 1 Audit plus:

  • Service inspection of HVAC and water heater.  HVAC service addresses cracked heat exchangers, electric elements and efficiency of your equipment.  Water heater service addresses water heater settings, burner/element operation and efficiency.
  • Pressure testing of the HVAC duct systems to identify leakage that affects the system's ability to perform as designed.


Level 3 Audit                1200.00

This audit includes all items of the Level 1 and 2 Audits plus:

  • Site built work order of the materials and labor required to address the issues identified in the Level 1 and 2 Audits.  With this information, you will be able to choose the issues you wish to address.
  • Telephone consultation with you or contractors hired to perform the corrective actions and improvements.
  • Final audit of completed work within 60 days of the initial audit.

Additional Services

  • Additional appliances.  Each audit includes 1 HVAC system and 1 water heater.  Each

          additional HVAC system and water heater is $50.

  • Additional fees apply for homes larger than 4,000 square feet

Home Weatherization for Economy and Comfort

  • The blower door is also used to locate leaks in your heating system ducts that compromise this system's ability to work properly.
  • Thermal imaging is used to locate weaknesses in the insulation of the home.
  • State of the art combustion analysis equipment is used to evaluate gas appliances for safety and efficiency.

dpb Inspections & Consulting Services provides full weatherization services.  We use the latest building sciences to make your home's systems operate efficiently and comfortably.  Audits are normally 6-8 hours long.

 dpb Inspections & Consulting Services

  • Blower doors are used to locate leaks from the conditioned areas of the home to the outside.